By Katie Simmons and Jillian Stewart

New to the world of peer-to-peer fundraising? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll explain the history of P2P fundraising and the evolution of an “asking culture.” Then we’ll dive into the different types of fundraising events and community-driven action campaigns that make up an organisation’s P2P portfolio. We’ll use examples of top P2P programmes that have attracted millions of new community members and have generated billions in revenue for non-profits around the world.

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Michaela Regan

As Digital Marketing Manager, Michaela is somewhat of a geek. She ensures the Resource Alliance has a strong and consistent presence across the whole of the digital spectrum and brings a strong background in marketing, communications, events and 3D Printing. She likes to stay ahead of the curve and ensure her world is future proof, which is ironic as she also spent time working in an Anglo Saxon village. This does however, come in handy whenever we need something carved out of wood using a tree lathe*… Feel free to contact me on if you need anything! *It happens more than you think.